Hypnosis is a means of effectively communicating with your unconscious mind.


Almost everyone can be hypnotized. We do it for ourselves if we read a good book or watch television or day dream. Have you ever wondered why the advertising agencies spend billions of their clients dollars every year? When you are watching TV and you see the ocean or a horse or a sunset, something happens inside and you enter a different reality. You see people and you begin to believe they are real and you respond to what they are doing and saying as though they are real. You are in a hypnotic trance and the commercials are hypnotic suggestions often delivered three in a row. This is simple hypnosis strategy.


Have you ever had difficulty getting your six or eight year old’s attention when he or she is watching the box? Sometimes my kids were in such a deep hypnotic trance that I had to turn off the television to get them to re-enter my world. I vaguely recall my parents doing the same thing to me when I was a kid.


If advertisers are willing to spend enormous amounts of money to get us to watch their ads and if we accept being influenced by watching and listening to the ads from those companies that are suggesting to our unconscious minds that buying their product would greatly benefit us whether it is true or not, then why not use the same method to benefit ourselves? It is easy.


Hypnosis makes use of the understanding that there two distinct levels of intelligence operating within us. These are commonly called the conscious mind and unconscious mind but we can actually describe them as separate entities functioning symbiotically. Each has its own very different sphere of influence and function, and they both have very different styles of operating.


The problem is that, what we now call the conscious or ego mind, came along a lot later and the mind that we were born with is called the body mind. The body mind takes on the earliest impressions without the perspective that comes with rational understanding. To one degree or another these memories, especially the upsetting ones, remain an influence filtering all of our successive experiences. Many behaviour disorders such as compulsive eating or anorexia are due to the unconscious presence of these early experiences. We, the conscious mind, don’t seem to have any real control and often we can’t influence the body mind’s priorities when it comes to dealing with stress.


If the body is in protective mode we can take medications or think happy thoughts but the underlying tension will be maintained.


Only direct communication with the body can change the body’s orientation from being defensive to being centred and balanced.


Hypnosis opens the channel to the conscious mind can share with the body mind.


The body mind lives in images and apparently cannot discern the difference between recollections of past events, what is happening right now, nor the imaginings of future projections.